Genomodel - a data science consulting company

We are a Big Data, Statistical Modeling, Machine Learning, AI, Data Visualization, Web Application and Database consulting and R&D company primarily providing on demand services Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Healthcare, IT, Finance Industry and Academia.

We develop and deploy cutting edge machine learning and AI algorithms to solve customer needs. Furthermore, we make the solutions available as interatics web apps and data visualization for easy exploration of the results. Our technical expertise in optimizing databases and infrastructure and efficiency allows us to provide the solutions in fraction of the cost unlike our competitors without compromising quality and customer support.

Being application agonistic, we are able to apply our methods in any field. We have developed a vast array of proprietary AI and statistical algorithms, integrated orthogonal databases and web apps to aid in the fields of drug and biomarker discovery in cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s etc. diseases to aid in precision medicine.

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Biomarker and Drug Discovery

Machine learning of cancer genomics and clinical datasets (TCGA, ICGC, WES, WGS, RNA-seq, scRNA-seq, clinical trials, LINCS, GWAS etc.) of millions of patients and customer datasets for biomarker and drug discovery in cancer, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s etc.

Data Visualization and Web Apps

On demand web app development with customer datasets for interactive visualization and statistical analysis on the fly. We enable in-house or Cloud (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud)

Financial Data Analysis

We apply AI, ML, statistical and mathematical modeling of financial and economics data for backtesting, option pricing, risk modeling, portfolio optimization, stock screening etc.

Mathematical and Statistical Modeling

Apply Linear Algebra (Vector Space, Matrix, Tensor), Calculus (Limits, Differentiation, Integration, Taylor Series, Fourier Series), Differential Equations (ODE, PDE), Probability Distributions (discrete and continuous), Regression (Logistic, Linear Model, Generalized Linear Model, Lasso, Elastic Net, Cox), Bayesian Inference, Monte Carlo Simulation, Graph Theory, Time Series, Image Processing, Optimization, Physics, Numerical Algorithms, Statistics (Hypothesis Testing, FDR, Mixed Models, Nonparametric, Survival Analysis, LDA, GAM, Bootstrap, Permutation, ANOVA) etc.

Database Optimization, Big Data and Cloud

We enable our customers to design and optimize to store data in databases for quick retrieval. We also provide data warehousing services through commercial cloud. We take security of your data. Cloud, Big Data, Databases: Amazon AWS (EC2, RDS, S3, Lambda), Spark, Hadoop, Hive, Presto, Parquet, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SparkSQL, Elasticsearch, MPI, NoSQL: MongoDB, Redis

Biomedical Data Integration

Apply existing tools, integrate orthogonal high dimensional datasets or databases, mathematical models, AI and ML algorithms to solve complex data science problems and get actionable insights. Databases: EBI, NCBI, UCSC, UniProt, Broad Institute, TCGA, cbioportal, DepMap, GTEx, GEO, ArrayExpress, UK Biobank, Clinical Trials Gov, Open Targets, LINCS, KEGG, Reactome, GO, MGI, ChEMBL ENA, ENCODE, PDB, String, Pride, DrugBank, Transfac, Pfam etc.

Bioinformatics and NGS Data Analysis

NGS Pipelines (Snakemake, Nextflow, Bcbio), GWAS (PLINK, Hail), eQTLs, BioPython, Bioconductor, MultiQC, RNA-seq (STAR, RSEM, Kallisto, DESeq, EdgeR), Microarray (oligo), scRNA-seq (Cellranger, Seurat, Scanpy, Monocle, RNA velocity, trajectory), ChIP-seq (MACS, HOMER, MEME), Network (Cytoscape, Networkx), Variant Calling (GATK, Samtools, VEP, Mutect, FreeBayes, Varscan), Enrichment Analysis (ORA, GSEA, GSVA, clusterProfiler), Genome Visualization; IGV, Ensembl, UCSC, Cancer Genomics (Ascat, Estimate, CNVkit, Lumpy), Read Alignment (BWA, Bowtie), Immunology (HLA typing: OptiType, NetMHCpan), ImageJ, Sequence Analysis (Muscle, Mafft, Cdhit, Blast, hmmer), Phylogenetics (FastTree, RAxML, Beast, MrBayes, Jalview), Computational Chemistry (PyMol, VMD, Gromacs, Autodock, Schrodinger Suite, Modeller)

Python and R Programming

Python (Data Analysis: NumPy, SciPy, SymPy, pandas, Big Data: Dask, PySpark, PyArrow, ML: scikit-learn, keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Theano, FastAI, Orange, scikit-image, XGBoost, LightGBM, NLP: NLTK, BERT, GPT, Statistics: statsmodels, PyMC, PyStan, Data Visualization: Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly, Jupyter Notebook), R (5+ years, RStudio, libraries: Tidyverse - dplyr, ggplot, RMarkdown), Shell Scripting (Bash), C, version control: git (Github, Gitlab), Weka, RapidMiner, Excel

Machine Learning and AI

Proficient in applying AI tools to meet customer needs. AI algrothms: Supervised - Gradient Boosting, Random Forests, Decision Tree, Naive Bayes, Deep Learning (Autoencoder, LSTM, Convolutional Neural Network, MLP), KNN, Hidden Markov Models, Support Vector Machines, SVR etc, Unsupervised - Clustering (Hierarchical, k-means), Mixture Models, Graphical Models, Dimensionality Reduction (PCA, SVD, ICA, NMF, Manifold Learning- Isomap, MDS, tSNE, UMAP) etc.

Why Genomodel?

Full spectrum of data analysis at low cost

We offer a full spectrum of data analytics services tailored at your needs. Our services add significant value to our customers’ operations while keeping the costs low.

Quality and efficiency

We partner with you to offer services that will help you analyse data more efficiently and productively. We implement rigorous QC metrics, cross validation and statistical methods to identify outliers, filter low quality data in order to avoid misinterpretation of the data. We provide efficient, innovative solutions to complex problems through technical, domain specific knowledge by thinking out of the box


10+ years of experience in translational research including in cancer, obesity and diabetes biomarker and drug discovery. Good experience in working with multidisciplinary cross functional teams, analyze different viewpoints while being proactive to propose novel solutions and value propositions

Passion for Perfection

Passionate, data driven, agile, organized, efficient, hard worker with strong management, coordination and documentation and presentation skills able to meet strict deadlines

Security and Privacy

We store all your data securely and privately in military standard cloud providers. We run all Linux based servers with strong firewalls for maximum security.

Easy Communication

Able to communicate technical concepts and solutions in plain english, visualizations and interactive web apps to stakeholders without losing rigor

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Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our consulting services or want to set up a partnership. We are also interested in setting up collaborations in academia and industry for research in the fields of personalized medicine, drug and biomarker discovery. Please feel free to contact us for quotes and further information.
Address: Genomodel Pte Ltd, 10 Anson Road #27-15, Singapore 079903